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How do I get power of attorney and what is the average cost?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother has Parkinson and dementia. She was recently hospitalized and is currently in a rehab center. I have always paid her bills and taken care of her even before the dementia. I am trying to get her help but I’ve come with the stumbling block (I don’t have P of A). I need to get this done but I first need to know the average cost. ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: If your mother

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Is it Illegal to put yourself only on a Deed to a house when there are 2 other owners?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am 1/4 owner of a property in Nh, my mother passed without a will so interstate succession applied and her 1/2 is Split between my brother and I. My aunt is the other 1/2 owner. She changed the name on the Deed to the house to only hers. She may have claimed she was the only living defendant left, even tho that’s not true. Just wondering if that is legal? ANSWER BY MARGARET

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Stepmother did a lady bird deed to her son and cut us right out of the will . 2 weeks after fathers death

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My dad passed away in 2014 . He had a will and stepmom had a will both basic mirror wills . My dad actually gave me copies of both and it named me executor in both of there wills . Before my dads death he called me up very upset he lived in Florida said I’m going to my bank and changing you to beneficiary . He said stepmom and stepson are aggravating him

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How would i get q legal god mother for my two children if anything ever happens to me i am not relgous at all?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Just want to make sure if anything is to ever happen to me that my kids will be able to stay together and be taking great care of. ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: A Godparent is a religious designation, not a legal one.  You wish to appoint a guardian.  In order to do so, you should execute a will. Legal Disclaimer: Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should

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How can I take care of my unmarried brother’s financial obligations now that he is in a coma and has no Power of Attorney?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My brother is in a coma and will likely not recover to the point of being able to work or care for himself. I need to take care of his bills, loan accounts and bank account and start the process of obtaining disability benefits and Medicare for him. He has no Power of Attorney, spouse or children. Upon discharge from the hospital, he will be moved to a Long Term Acute Care Hospital. How

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How do I enact a power of attorney?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My Mom has been giving her money to a scam artist. So far l think it’s about $150,000. She thinks she is going to marry this guy she’s never met. The police have been called by 2 different banks and they have explained that she could go to jail for money laundering but this is not stopping her. I am her poa but how do I get it enacted ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L.

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How should I disperse savings of a deceased sibling of whom I was the guardian

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My brother passed away recently I was his Guardian he has money in the bank with my name as representative what should I do with the money he told me to split it up amongst the siblings and Dad can I do this legally ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS BELIVEAU: Your representative payee and guardian status ended upon your brother’s death. The bank account will need to be probated. The assets will be

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How can I obtain guardianship of individual?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My husband and I currently have permanent guardianship of our 17 year old grandson. The issue is when he turns 18 years old we have been informed this expires and we will have to go before the Courts again. He has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Mood Disorder Unspecified. Also, history of PTSD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He is unable to complete life decisions, is easily persuaded by others into unfavorable decisions (some

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If a parent was never put on a child’s birth certificate, can that adult child make medical decisions for that parent?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother’s father abandoned them after she was born. About 5 years ago, he showed back up in her life and she has since grown to have a relationship with him. With that being said, I do not believe he was ever listed on her birth certificate and she was given her mother’s last name when she was born. Now, he has suffered a brain injury and is incapacitated and unable to make decisions

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My father in law is in a 3 year court battle, he lives in a rv and recently had a stroke can we bring him to our state for care

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: His friend died a few years ago leaving everything to Dan (father in law) after the death unknown nephews came out looking for money and took Dan to court. His case has been continued for years now he was set to go to trial on Monday but had a systematic stroke he can’t use his left side and the Dr said he has a disk puting pressured on nerves in neck. He also is

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