Elder Law & Medicaid Attorneys

The combination elder law and Medicaid lawyers and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at the Beliveau Law Group assist individuals and families with the complex process of protecting assets from the nursing home and becoming eligible for Medicaid. In addition to developing Medicaid asset protection strategies for clients, we assist them with preparing and filing Medicaid applications and provide representation at any respective fair hearings and any necessary appeals with the court. The experienced elder law and Medicaid attorneys at the Beliveau Law Group handle areas of elder law and Medicaid including:

  • Asset Transfers
  • Fair Hearing Representation
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Medicaid Income Only Irrevocable Trusts
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Testamentary Trusts

Medicaid Planning and Application

You need a skilled elder law and Medicaid attorney to identify the best strategy for preserving the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime from Medicaid reimbursement. The elder law and Medicaid attorneys at the Beliveau Law Group employ a variety of strategies to protect assets from the nursing home. Our goal is to address current or possible long term care needs that may require you to seek Medicaid assistance while protecting your residence and other assets.

Asset Protection Strategies

When offering our clients different Medicaid asset protection options, our elder law and Medicaid attorneys take the time to understand their long term plans and desires for their assets. Medicaid planning is part of estate planning, so it is important to understand the big picture. We prepare Medicaid irrevocable trusts for clients to try to help them preserve their residences if they have to apply for Medicaid for their nursing home care. Currently, there is a five year wait (look back period) in order for assets transferred to such Medicaid irrevocable trusts to be excluded and protected for Medicaid eligibility purposes. Typically, before spouses engage in Medicaid planning, they have “loving” last wills and testaments that leave their assets to each other upon the predeceasing spouse’s death. The problem with such an estate plan is what if the surviving spouse is in a nursing home receiving Medicaid at the predeceasing spouse’s death? In such a case, the predeceasing spouse’s assets will probably be lost since they will be available to the surviving spouse for Medicaid reimbursement. The predeceasing spouse would have been able to protect his or her assets by executing a new last will and testament that instead of leaving his or her assets outright to the surviving spouse left them to the surviving spouse through a testamentary trust established through his or her last will and testament. Our elder law and Medicaid attorneys analyze and prepare both Medicaid and estate plans. In so doing, we provide our clients with options for the financial future of their families.

Elder Law & Medicaid Lawyers in Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Florida

With offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida, our elder law and Medicaid attorneys can assist you with your Medicaid application, asset protection, and planning needs. We represent clients in the Greater Boston and Boston Metro-west areas, Salem, New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire areas, and Naples, Florida and Southwest Florida areas. For a confidential appointment to discuss your elder law and/or Medicaid needs, including Medicaid applications, planning, and respective asset transfers, contact the combination elder law and Medicaid attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at the Beliveau Law Group.

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