Experienced Litigation Attorneys

The litigation attorneys at the Beliveau Law Group advance the legal claims, rights, and interests of their clients both in and out of court. The litigators focus on resolving disputes related to the transaction practice areas of the firm including, but not limited to, estates and trusts, real estate, small business, and tax.  Our litigators also service clients in the practice areas of bankruptcy, employment, and personal injury.

Estates and Trusts,and Related Litigation

Our estate and trust litigators aggressively pursue claims on behalf of beneficiaries, whether they are claiming property under a trust, challenging a will, or enforcing their right to an accounting. We also vigorously defend trustees, executors, and other fiduciaries against claims of mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, and similar claims. Related areas of litigation we undertake include the enforcement of rights to Medicaid benefits and tax audit defense.

Real Estate and Related Litigation

Our real estate litigators cover a wide variety of real estate areas, including, for example, real estate partition actions, the return of real estate deposits, the eviction of tenants, and the resolution of condominium disputes. We also represent plaintiffs in pursuing claims against their insurers for real and personal property damage as well as general liability.

Business and Related Litigation

Our small businesses litigators represent small businesses with respect to  contract disputes, whether involving employment contracts, loan agreements, service contracts, or sales contracts. In addition, we represent both employees and employers in employment actions and small businesses with respect to tax assesments and audits.

Complex Litigation Spanning Legal Practice Areas

Our litigation cases frequently span several legal practice areas. For example, our representation of a trustee of a trust that owns a business entity that in turn owns real estate may involve litigation relating to trust administration, business law, and real estate. With attorneys practicing in each of these legal practice areas, our firm efficiently addresses the inherent complexities of such cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to pursuing claims in court, we achieve our clients’ interests through direct negotiation, mediation, creative strategizing, and Collaborative Law. In Collaborative Law, the parties, represented by attorneys, communicate and negotiate directly with each other, without court involvement, to achieve their objectives. Because of the need to maintain relationships within families and small businesses, Collaborative Law is particularly appropriate for our firm’s legal practice areas.

Litigation Lawyers in Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Florida

With offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida, our litigation law firm can help with you litigation cases.  We represent clients in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts and Metro West, Massachusetts areas, Salem, New Hampshire and Southern New  Hampshire areas, and Naples, Florida and Southwest Florida areas.  For a confidential appointment to discuss your litigation needs, contact the combination litigation attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at the Beliveau Law Group.

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