Residential Real Estate

Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyers

If you are buying or selling a house, you should be represented by a real estate lawyer. The wise buyer and seller of residential real estate will consult an experienced real estate attorney to prepare and/or review the offer (if applicable), purchase and sale agreement, HUD settlement statement and other closing documents.

If you are involved in a short sale of residential real estate, where you are buying property currently worth less than the loan against it, or if you are purchasing property with existing tenants, it makes good financial sense to consult a real estate attorney before finalizing the deal.

Our firm’s experience in other legal practice areas such as asset protection, business law, estate planning, and tax allows us to analyze real estate transactions beyond just applicable real estate law. For example, if you transfer a residence to a revocable trust, your respective homestead rights may be affected. If you purchase an owner’s title insurance policy (which we recommend you do), the specific type of policy is important from a business and estate planning perspective to make sure the respective coverage is not lost in the case of a subsequent applicable real estate transfer. For a like kind exchange, our combination real estate attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can provide counsel regarding both the respective real estate and tax aspects.

The real estate lawyers at the Beliveau Law Group concentrate in the real estate law areas of:

  • Buyer Representation
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Conveyances
  • Homestead Declarations
  • Like-Kind Exchanges
  • Offers
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Refinances
  • Seller Representation
  • Short Sales
  • Title Examinations
  • Title Insurance

Residential Real Estate Attorneys

For residential real estate deals, real estate brokers often provide standard forms for offers (when applicable) and purchase and sale agreements. However, your purchase or sale may not be a standard deal. Since there typically is a lot of money involved in a real estate deal, doesn’t it make sense to hire a real estate attorney to tailor the standard forms to your benefit. If you are a buyer, unless you have hired a buyer’s broker, you are not represented in the deal since the listing broker represents the seller and the closing attorney for the loan (when applicable) represents the lender. So, especially if you are a buyer (buyer beware), doesn’t it make sense for you to hire a real estate attorney to represent you. The combination residential real estate attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at the Beliveau Law Group can prepare and review your residential real estate documents and make sure you have answers to your questions regarding the purchase and sale, including:

  • How much of a deposit should you make and when should you make it?
  • What happens if one party doesn’t comply with the purchase and sale agreement?
  • Can you get out of the agreement? If so, how and what are the consequences?
  • What happens if the property is damaged before the closing?
  • Do you need title insurance and, if so, what kind?

Real Estate Lawyers in Waltham, Massachusetts 

With offices in Waltham, Massachusetts our real estate law firm can help with your residential real estate matters. We represent clients in Middlesex County, Norfolk County, the Greater Boston and Boston Metro-west areas. For a confidential appointment to discuss your residential real estate needs in the Boston area, contact the Beliveau Law Group for a case evaluation.

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