Must a trustee transfer the title of a home he inherited (currently in a Trust) before selling it?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My friends brother was “willed” a home from his Father. His Father setup an irrevocable trust to handle his assets after death. My friends brother kept this property within the trust for almost 24 months, expensing taxes, repairs and other items as trust expenses, then sold the house directly from the trust and is now claiming 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the house. In other words, he charged the trust $20k

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How do I make the Trustee of my irrevocable Trust make good on an addendum that was written into the Trust?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The trust states at ages 21, 25, and 35, I could withdrawal certain percentages of the principal for family needs.  At age 25 instead of taking 33% of 1.4 million, I agreed to purchase a home, go on vacation, and buy my now wife wedding ring. In the addendum, it states if I would like to purchase the home that I’m living in now I can have the opportunity to do so for $100,000. 

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I may need an attorney willing to sue AT&T?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother left her AT&T stock to me in her will. My sister (executor) is very spiteful now and claiming my stock as hers. Has even sold one of them. How can they assign stock without proof that it in fact belongs to the person claiming to be that person, since she has all my personal information for probate? I even sent AT&T a copy of the will showing them it was mine legally.

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I have two sisters and we all got 1/3 of money that comes in each year! My sister died so where will her share go?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It was not stipulated in will if any of us die before the 5 years are up! It also doesn’t say pay to next of kin in the will it only states the money is divided 1/3 each! What do we do because my brother in law is asking for the money! ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: You need to consult with a probate attorney to review the will and its testamentary trust. 

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When someone is made executor should there not be some bookkeeping records provide to the others named in the will?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Brother is executor. All was to be divided equally, only the executor knows the full amount in the estate, there have been some shady purchases. Has caused a divide in the family, feel there should be some accountability for the executor to be sure they are following the requirements of the will. Bank statements list of expenses. ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: Personal representatives are required to file an inventory within 3 months

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