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Does a Revocable Trust Protect My Home from Nursing Home Expenses?

A common question from many Massachusetts homeowners is does my revocable Trust protect my home from potential nursing home and long-term care expenses? While a revocable Trust offers many advantages, protecting your home from nursing home expenses is not one of them. In this article, we will discuss the definition of a revocable Trust, examples of how it can be used to protect assets, and alternative options to safeguard your home from potential nursing home expenses.

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How To Protect Your Child’s Inheritance From Their Spouse

One concern we hear in the estate planning process is how to protect an adult child’s inheritance from their spouse. Sometimes this stems from a place of animosity or concern over a child’s problem partner. Some people are concerned about divorce-proofing the assets they’ll leave behind for their kids. Still others simply believe that inheritances are best kept in the “family.” Naming your child alone as inheritor. The most basic option you have is to leave

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Trusts and asset protection

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Trust language specifies that after main beneficiary dies that the two remainder beneficiaries can receive their share as a total distribution after they reach age 25 if they request it. So they have the option of keeping some or all of their share in the trust per their request. Does this language offer the beneficiaries asset protection from divorce or creditors? If not, can anything be done to provide asset protection? The trust is

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My father is drafting a will and making me a sole beneficiary, my question is sheltering these assets from my debt and leins

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The inheritance is free and clear and positive in a financial sense. But I have legal medical, and other debts… my question is can they force me to liquidate by leins or the sort and what would be a adaquate Means to shelter these assets from any interests so I can inherit what will be left to me as owner the inheritance is Real property 2, 3 parcels and vehicles and personal effects and

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