My father is drafting a will and making me a sole beneficiary, my question is sheltering these assets from my debt and leins


The inheritance is free and clear and positive in a financial sense. But I have legal medical, and other debts… my question is can they force me to liquidate by leins or the sort and what would be a adaquate
Means to shelter these assets from any interests so I can inherit what will be left to me as owner the inheritance is Real property 2, 3 parcels and vehicles and personal effects and any monies in accounts …
So how to shelter this from my debts…. and assume ownership …. this is my question


Your father needs to inform his attorney of your financial situation. If you inherit these assets outright, the assets will be seized by your creditors. One option that may work is for your father to set up a discretionary trust for your benefit. This means that the Trustee cannot be forced to make distributions to you or your creditors. His attorney will be able to work through the options with him. Ultimately it is his choice.

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