How can I get medical updates on my mom in hospital when my sister has power of attorney and will not give me the pin code


Sister and I are fighting.  Mom lives in Florida.  Mom admitted to hospital and is incapacitated. Sister has power of attorney and will not give me the pin code required by hospital to get information about Moms condition. What can I do?


A DPA covers only financial decisions. A Designation of Health Care Surrogate covers medical decisions. Did your mother execute a health care proxy to appoint your sister as health care agent? If not, you can file a petition to become your mother’s guardian. Alternatively, was your sister appointed but you believe that your sister is not making the correct health care decisions? You can also file the petition to override the Designation, but this may not be successful. You can hire an attorney who can try to negotiate with your sister. Sometimes, just knowing that an attorney has gotten involved is enough to bring a siblings around. Keep in mind that you will most likely be paying for the attorney out of your own pocket, unless you are successful in being appointed as her fiduciary by the court.

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