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How do I transfer a deed to my name?

I purchased a rental property from my grandmother in 1998. We signed a Notarized Real Estate Contract and I paid it off in 2000. My grandmother wrote paid in full, the date and signed her name and gave me back my copy. My grandmother died in 2002. Her will stated everything went to my mother and her two sisters. Nothing was mentioned about my house because they knew I purchased it and lived there. I recently

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Can a married person create their own separate living trust without any involvement of their spouse?

One of my parents wants to make their own separate living trust without the other parent involved at all (no signatures or notarized paperwork required from the other parent). I know usually married couples both create their own separate living trusts together but I had trouble finding out if just 1 person can create their own separate trust and the spouse not have one at all. Thank you. ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: Yes, it can definitely

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Can my husband create a valid will and trust after I filed for divorce?

I filed for divorce and then my husband’s brother took him to create a will in trust, giving the brother rights to everything. Then my husband passed away. Divorce never went through. Can they do that? What are my rights? ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: Yes, he had the right to leave property to whomever he wanted after death.  However, as you were married at the time of his death, you still have statutory rights to his

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When someone does not want to be an executor of a will can they appoint someone else in their place

When someone does not want to be an executor of a will can they appoint someone else in their place ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: If you don’t want to serve as executor, you can decline to sign.  The will should have an alternate Person Representative listed.  If there is no alternate, the state has a statute which spells out who in the family has priority to serve as PR. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on

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Can I dispose of my sister and brother in laws property that has been left on my land for 2 years?

It is complicated because my sister’s name is on the deed to the property as well as mine. She is not a resident here and I own 2/3 of the property, inherited from our Grandparents. She is a HOARDER and the amount of stuff she has packed onto the property is affecting my way of life here. I have asked her several times to remove the hoard of her and her boyfriends stuff from the property

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Does a nursing home take a military pension and social security check?

Spouse receives military pension and social security retirement. He is physically disabled with dementia ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: I believe your question is: After Dad goes into a nursing home, will Mom have enough money to live? As your dad was a veteran, you should look into getting into a VA nursing home. It is my understanding that there is a long wait list but is free. If you dad goes into a regular nursing and

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How to get a deed transferred from a deceased spouse? and is it expensive? my mother is a disabled senior on a tight budget

My parents home was only in my father’s name. He passed away 7 years ago, leaving his estate to my mother, per his will. She continued to make the monthly mortgage payments and nobody every mentioned anything to her. Now, her mortgage has been transferred to a new loan company they’re saying she needs to get the deed put into her name. She’s struggling with money at this time and the people she keeps trying to

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Trying to find out if father left a will or had life insurance, but can’t get into his residence and don’t have passwords?

My father (who is divorced from my mother) lived in a different house with his girlfriend for a long time, but never legally wed. The girlfriend’s family gave me some electronic equipment (iphone/laptop) but don’t have the passwords to access it. The girlfriend’s family does not want us to review any “paperwork”, because my father and his girlfriend had joint investment accounts. My sister who once stayed in that house for family visits & is first

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Can I sell the home now that my grandmother passed, even though there is someone living there that took care of her?

I’m not interested in keeping the home. I have become the homeowner now that she had passed. ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: As long as you have title, you may sell the property.  However, if the caretaker refuses to leave, you will be forced to evict the caretaker. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on LinkedIn Legal Disclaimer: Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on since each situation

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