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My grandma had said there was 1,000$ for the 7 of us. But my aunt is keeping it all. What do i do?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My aunt is keeping all my grandma’s stuff and her 7,000$ life insurance from the rest of the family. My grandma said we each get 1,000$ from her. But my aunt is lying and keeping everything. What can I do? ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: Life insurance is payable to the beneficiary listed on the policy. If you were listed as a beneficiary, the life insurance company would mail you a check. It is possible

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What is the least expensive way to open an estate in Florida, to purchase property froma New Mexico estate? Property in Lee Cty

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am under contract to purchase real estate which is located in Lee County, Florida. The seller of said real estate is an estate of a man who passed away in the State of New Mexico. The estate was apparently ‘probated’ in New Mexico. So, the title company is telling me that I need to hire a lawyer and open a Florida Estate. There are two Co-Personal Representatives of the New Mexico Estate. They

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Can I sue someone that borrowed 90.00?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A friend asked to borrow $100.00. I send him 90.00 on western union plus pay a fee of 12.50…Now this person does not want to pay me..Can I sue him for the $90.00 plus I want to add. PAIN AND SUFFERING….So now I want to sue him for $5000.00. Can I take him to court for this. I am a disabled person and feel he took advantage of me ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: You

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What should I do about a verbal agreement and one witness?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother passed away.  Before she passed, she had a talk with my step-dad and her kids separately. She stated to me and my brother that she and my step-dad had talked about what she wanted to do with her money.  She was leaving her s.s., pension and 401k to her kids.  She also stated that my step-dad agreed to giving us everything and that he stated to her didn’t want any of the

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Can the executor of someone’s estate help them change their will?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It is my uncles will. My mother is his sister. Initially my uncle put me and my 2 sisters on his will to inherit everything. Recently he has become very ill and we found out we were removed and now everything will go to my mother. We have suspicion that she did this without asking him. So is it possible for her to do that? Someone who is in charge of the will to

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Can a term life insurance policy be active if payment on premiums stopped 4 years ago?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My ex-husband passed away and our kids are the beneficiaries of his term life insurance. When I called to file the claim I was told that his policy was active. I was sent the paperwork and all of a sudden several months later, the company says that “after further investigation” they’ve found out that payments stopped several years ago. And there is a small cash value to the policy which is what kept it

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