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Can my landlord not renew my month to month lease because of one noise complaint ?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I received a noise complaint while I was out of town, my sister was watching my dogs and received a couple complaints in one night. The next day I had a notice on my door saying they weren’t going to renew my lease. I’ve never had any problems or complaints about me. I called my landlord and she said it was due to the noise complaints and doesn’t want to talk about it. Is

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Mom passed away ?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Before my mom passed away she put the deed in my sisters name and told my sister split the house with me my sister took everything what can I do

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Do any of you advise against using online template forms to create your own Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Some of my colleagues have used these forms to create their own Will and Power of Attorney–not sure about Health Care Directive. As long as they are notarized, I assume these documents are considered as legal as those created by an Attorney–or am I mistaken? Are there cautionary tales you wish to share? Is there an online resource for these forms that you recommend? What range of costs should I expect if I complete

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Does an executor need to disclose how money is being spent?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother had a stroke, but is very cognitive and alert , she is in rehab. My brother has taken over as executor to pay bills. As one of 8 siblings I have asked several times how the bills are being paid. I have asked for detail info since I knew exactly what was in her accounts. I have been told that I do not need to know, or how the money is being

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How do I remove my mother’s name from the title to my (our) home?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother is 97 years old with dementia such that she needs 24 hour care. She is destitute and on Medicaid and is represented by an elder law lawyer who is her court appointed guardian. I am considering the possibility of selling our townhouse and moving to be near one of my children. I am not in a good financial place myself, another reason to move to somewhere less expensive with one of my

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Executor of a Trust refuses to provide both cash and deed I have been given. What do i do?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The executor/daughter to the deceased does not want to give the cash and deed I was left in the Trust. What are my options or rights in this situation? ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: You as a beneficiary of a trust have the right to know about your inheritance, unless the trust is what is called a blind trust. You should consult with a trust attorney to determine what your rights are. Often a letter

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Do I have to divide any money or estate left to me if not instructed to?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have just lost my grandmother.  She left me her 401k, life insurance, and I’m pretty sure her estate ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: As a beneficiary of the 401(k) and life insurance, you will inherit these assets outside of probate.  Her estate will be governed by her will.  If she named you as the sole beneficiary, then only you will inherit.  Legally, you are not required to share a bequest that a testator made

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