Can I force my adult son to change is last name?

My son hasn’t talked or bothered with me in many years. I have granddaughter 6 years old who doesn’t even know who I am.  He had another baby I never also met.  He has no respect and is not blood anymore. I like to have him change his last name to his wife’s name. I want nothing to do anymore. I’m very sick and don’t even know my son in over 10 more years.


As the saying goes, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.”  Declaring that he isn’t your son, doesn’t change the fact that you gave birth to him.  Just because you don’t want to act like his mother, or vice versa, doesn’t mean you aren’t biologically mother and son.  You can’t force him to change is name.  Just like an ex-husband can force an ex-wife to drop her married name and go back to her maiden name.  If you really hate him so much that you can’t stand having a shared last name, you can change your own name.

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