Can a term life insurance policy be active if payment on premiums stopped 4 years ago?


My ex-husband passed away and our kids are the beneficiaries of his term life insurance. When I called to file the claim I was told that his policy was active. I was sent the paperwork and all of a sudden several months later, the company says that “after further investigation” they’ve found out that payments stopped several years ago. And there is a small cash value to the policy which is what kept it active. It was a 30-year term policy. I don’t have a copy of the policy.

Is it possible for the policy to be active if it lapsed so long ago? I don’t have access to my ex-husband’s bank records.
What can I do to verify that what the insurance company are saying is true? We have young kids and this money will help me raise them.


Term life does not have a cash surrender value. As soon as you stop paying, the policy will lapse. A whole life policy will have a cash surrender value. If you stop paying and don’t withdraw the cash surrender value, the premiums will be paid out of the cash surrender, which in turn will reduce the payout upon death.

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