For Massachusetts, NOT FEDERAL, Estate Tax: Does a gift of 100,000 need to be added back into my dad’s estate to calculate tax?


Dad’s estate is 1,400,000 and he died single. A year before his death he gave me $100,000. Do I use 1,400,000 or add the $100,000 for $1,500,000 when completing the MASSACHUSETTS ESTATE TAX RETURN? I am worried about some three year rule I read about> That is, the gift to me of 100,000 occurred within 3 years of his death


Since he made a gift above the annual exclusion amount a Form 709 will need to filed. As for federal purposes, the gift within the 3 years of death is not physically returned, but added back to his total gross estate for calculations purposes. Massachusetts does not have a gift tax, unlike the federal, but the gift does has an effect. In layman’s terms, the taxable gift lowered the Massachusetts threshold by the amount of the taxable gift. You should hire an attorney to complete the Form M706 Estate Tax Return. When the federal government under Bush decided to eliminate the estate tax, Massachusetts decoupled its return from the federal and linked its estate tax to the federal return estate tax return from 1999. Also, if your father owned real estate, Massachusetts imposes an automatic lien for any estate taxes due, which must get released.

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