Do I have to divide any money or estate left to me if not instructed to?


I have just lost my grandmother.  She left me her 401k, life insurance, and I’m pretty sure her estate


As a beneficiary of the 401(k) and life insurance, you will inherit these assets outside of probate.  Her estate will be governed by her will.  If she named you as the sole beneficiary, then only you will inherit.  Legally, you are not required to share a bequest that a testator made to you.  However, the fact you are asking this question leads me to believe that others in the family believed that they would inherit from your grandmother, as well.  If your grandmother made statements to them that they were included in her estate plan, be ready for a fight, especially if she had a large net worth.  Some family members may claim that you exerted undue influence over your grandmother so that she changed her beneficiaries to be just you.

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