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What can I do if the executor of a will is refusing to follow the wishes in the will?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother left her estate to her 5 daughters equally. (per her will). The executor, one of the daughters, is not executing her wishes. She will not even speak about it. She did not tell us about the will. We found out by writing several lawyers in town. It has been over 2 months since our mother passed. She (the executor) has all ready taken property out of the house which was supposed to

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Can we take action to immediately change locks and take possession of property and all remaining content?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My sister and her husband moved into the family home place after our parents passed… About 3 months ago my sister passed, her husband eventually moved back into his original home , but left lots of his “junk” behind…saying at some point he may return and clean it up. he has the only keys to the property. what legal rights do we have as far as,Immediately having all locks changed and demanding he remove

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