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Can we take action to immediately change locks and take possession of property and all remaining content?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My sister and her husband moved into the family home place after our parents passed… About 3 months ago my sister passed, her husband eventually moved back into his original home , but left lots of his “junk” behind…saying at some point he may return and clean it up. he has the only keys to the property. what legal rights do we have as far as,Immediately having all locks changed and demanding he remove

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What constitutes elder abuse?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Our mother is 89 years old and relatively good health. My dad passed away 2/2016 and my older sister moved home due to losing her job. She now takes care of my mom although my mom is in assisted living. She has said to my mom “spend all your money” My dad left her with 3 million dollars that he worked extremely hard for. My mom is spending the money like crazy. Trips ,

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I have two sisters and we all got 1/3 of money that comes in each year! My sister died so where will her share go?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It was not stipulated in will if any of us die before the 5 years are up! It also doesn’t say pay to next of kin in the will it only states the money is divided 1/3 each! What do we do because my brother in law is asking for the money! ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: You need to consult with a probate attorney to review the will and its testamentary trust. 

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If a living trust and last will gets modified within 180 days of death, is it valid?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I was named as executor of a last will, and trustee of the living trust. My brother moved in next door to my Mom (the grantor) and now the trust has been restated with my brother as the executor of the last will and trustee of the living trust. Mom has fallen ill. How many days must pass before the newest last will/living trust is valid? Is there a minimum number of days that

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Can you make a trust trump a will

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My Grandfather died leaving money and assets to my father who was alive when my grandfather died, now my grnadmother still lived but went behind my fathers back and made a trust to kick him out of the will and had thier attorney never settle the will after my grandfather died and now doesnt want to give my father anything. they told us she made the trust to trump the will can they do

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Tax consequences of foreclosure and capital gains.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mom passed away in September 2014. Her mortgage co filed foreclosure a month later. $74,000 was owed on the original debt, but unpaid taxes and fees made it closer to $104,000. Property sold for a profit in June 2016 and her estate received a check for $10,000.   Mortgage co reported original debt of $74,000 and sale price of $114,00, meaning it looks as though her estate earned $40,000 instead of the $10,000 received.

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How do I decline my inheritance?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I do not want to accept any inheritance that my parents may leave me. Can I just write a letter and have it notarized or is there some type of legal form/letter that I need to fill out? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS BELIVEAU: To decline a gift or inheritance, you need to execute a disclaimer. In order for the disclaimer not to have any effect on you for estate or gift tax

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Do I inherit my estranged spouse’s estate if no other survivors?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Husband and I have been separated for a couple of years. We have no kids. Husband has now passed away and he has no living heirs or other living relatives. He did not have a will. We had a very amicable separation but we had no property settlement agreement. What is the law in Mass regarding inheritance of a separated spouse? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS: Under Massachusetts law, until the divorce decree

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If a person has nothing in his name he is to inherit property &business can a lien be put on his inheritance if convicted of personal injury?

ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: Has the person died yet? If not, my answer would be for the grantor to change his Will and/or trust so that the assets are not transferred to you. The grantor should create a spendthrift trust for your benefit. This means that you have no right to the assets. The Trustee may make distributions to you but would not be required to do so. Those assets could not be touched

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How do I word a legal guarantee that my sister’s children will be given our mother’s rings when our other sister dies?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There is a very tense relationship between sisters at this point there is only a verbal promise ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: The inheritance of the rings will governed by your sister’s Last Will and Testament. If she wants her nieces to inherit her rings, it should be written into her Will. Legal Disclaimer: Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on since each situation

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