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Is it Illegal to put yourself only on a Deed to a house when there are 2 other owners?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am 1/4 owner of a property in Nh, my mother passed without a will so interstate succession applied and her 1/2 is Split between my brother and I. My aunt is the other 1/2 owner. She changed the name on the Deed to the house to only hers. She may have claimed she was the only living defendant left, even tho that’s not true. Just wondering if that is legal? ANSWER BY MARGARET

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Can a Will be written to say that a home is left to remaining siblings but if they die their share goes back to the others?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My husband owns his family home (he does not live there). His brother lives there. He wants to put in his Will that the house is left to his seven brothers and sisters. He wants this house to remain in the family. He does not want any spouse or dependents to get this property. It’s like the last one standing will get the house. Is there any legal way to address this in a

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Stepmother did a lady bird deed to her son and cut us right out of the will . 2 weeks after fathers death

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My dad passed away in 2014 . He had a will and stepmom had a will both basic mirror wills . My dad actually gave me copies of both and it named me executor in both of there wills . Before my dads death he called me up very upset he lived in Florida said I’m going to my bank and changing you to beneficiary . He said stepmom and stepson are aggravating him

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How does a living trust work?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I spoke to an elder care attorney about my mother going into a nursing home. I told him I have POA, healthcare surrogate and Will with me as executor. I had concerns about my mother’s home. My sister has been caring for her in our mother’s home for 4 years. She has Alzheimer’s and it’s time for her to be in a nursing home. He advised me what paperwork to get together and that

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Can we take action to immediately change locks and take possession of property and all remaining content?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My sister and her husband moved into the family home place after our parents passed… About 3 months ago my sister passed, her husband eventually moved back into his original home , but left lots of his “junk” behind…saying at some point he may return and clean it up. he has the only keys to the property. what legal rights do we have as far as,Immediately having all locks changed and demanding he remove

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I am heir to a portion of my grandpas estate and home with sister, brother, aunt, uncle. Can’t sell because brother has liens.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Grandpa had 3 kids and my dad passed away before grandpa and me , my sister and brother own my dad’s portion of home. My uncle lied to us about not being able sell the home due to my brother tax lien and we waited for 2 years and now he said the title search came back with my brother now has 30k lien on property and we cant close. We want to know

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Should I include survivorship language in my deed, I am not married and I am the only one purchasing the property, ?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have two children.  I am the only one purchasing the house and I am not married.  What type of deed would be best for me? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: You should always consult with an estate planning attorney as there are many options.  Which one you pick depends on your age, your financial situation, and the ages of your children and grandchildren. If you add other people as joint owners on

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Can you make a trust trump a will

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My Grandfather died leaving money and assets to my father who was alive when my grandfather died, now my grnadmother still lived but went behind my fathers back and made a trust to kick him out of the will and had thier attorney never settle the will after my grandfather died and now doesnt want to give my father anything. they told us she made the trust to trump the will can they do

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My mother died so I was appointed the PR over the estate when I did the deed of distribution I did it in all Four heirs name

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My brother has been told he has cancer so it was to my understanding that the estate would be left to the other three to keep things straight ; then after his sickness 2 heirs had words leaving their share to the youngest of their gran children is this possible ? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS BELIVEAU: As personal representative, it is your responsibility to distribute the estate assets according to the terms

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