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The best way to appoint a guardian for my children in the case of mine and my husbands death/incapacity?

Additional Information: I’ve been researching for hours now, but everything is so confusing. My husband and I just want to make sure that our children are taken care of, but we have problems with his side of the family. We would like to appoint guardians for our children, and they have already agreed that they would do it, but from what I’ve read my husbands parents could petition also and potentially get the children. Is there

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I suspect that there is a trust account for me in a bank/trust company but the trustee won’t speak to me.

Additional Information: Is it possible for me to get some info directly from the bank/trust company as beneficiary of trust ? What are my legal options? Thank you ATTORNEY ANSWER: Sorry to hear. If you are sure that you are a beneficiary of the trust, under Florida law, the trustee is required to provide you with information regarding the trust. I recommend you hire Florida counsel to contact the trustee on your behalf.

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Can an Irrevocable Trust get a mortgage?

Additional  Information: Hi, My folks just passed away and left me an Irrevocable trust. My brother is the Trustee. He wants the IRT to get a condo loan & have the condo titled in the IRT. The IRT would make all payments. My name would not be on loan or title.  Is this possible? My Credit Union said no. Thank-you for your help! ATTORNEY ANSWER: Sorry for your loss. To answer your question: Yes, but… Based

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Can I sue my landlord?

Additional  Information: My landlord knew there were bed bugs going around the motel and failed to notify us. I was being eaten alive by them. She told us it would be a 3 1/2 hour process and we would be fine. Then when I was at work I got a phone call saying i wasn’t allowed in my room for 2 days! And I had everything in my room. My lap top, my tooth brush, my

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I have a 25 percent share in a property in Mass which is not my primary residence nor a rental. It is on the market now.

Additional Information: What are the tax implications when it sells? Thanks in Haverhill, MA ATTORNEY ANSWER: Assuming you have owned the property for over one year, and given that you own a 25% interest in income property, you would have to pay capital gains tax on the difference between your net gain(after capital improvements, costs of sale i.e. broker’s commisssion)–the current applicable Massachusetts capital gains tax is five percent (5%).

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I suspect that while my mother was in her final days while on heavy medication a new will was drawn and signed under duress.

Additional Information: How can I obtain information from the probate officer about whats going on. I live in Florida and my mother died in California. I found out that these people that brought in a new will changed the assets from my mother prior to her death. What options do I have? ATTORNEY ANSWER: Sorry for your loss. Even though you are a resident of Florida, I assume your mother was a resident of California at

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Can I sue the company breach the contract?

Additional Information: We signed a contract with an after school this May. Our family financial situation changed due to unemployment in August, which is beyond our control. We discussed this with the director to work out a best solution, not terminate the contract. We agreed on the phone on August that my daughter would stay in the after school program until a replacement is found. But on the first day of school, we found out that

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In 2008, I signed a lease with a guarantor. My roommate and I never renewed it. Is my guarantor still responsible to pay?

Additional Information: My roommate sublet his room which was against the lease, but he worked out a verbal agreement with the landlord. The subletter missed 4 months of rent and left. My guarantor is now being sued for his rent. My roommate and I never renewed the lease for 2009-2010. The landlord gave us the 2008 lease with the dates crossed out and “2009-2010” written in. Our signatures were already on it from 2008, but he

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Aunt died without a Will. Does the Administrator of the Estate have to keep heirs informed?

Additional Information: The court appointed my Aunts brother as Administrator. He has a lawyer who does not give any information to the 4 heirs, however when the lawyer does answer questions they are always different stories. No paperwork is being sent to heirs on property being sold. The administrator made a deal with a “buyer” to purchase my aunts land but yet have not seen any paperwork due to the fact the “buyer” is making monthly

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Is it mandatory that your homestead be probated?

Additional Information: When my mom died, her only asset was her home & the contents of it, of which she considered “her estate”. When she wrote her Will(it being legal), she willed her “estate” to her three children. Is it necessary that her homestead be probated? I was told a few years ago that you did not have to file for homestead. She has no creditors. She always “prided” herself on the fact that she didn’t

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