How do I find out if I was removed has beneficiary on my mother’s traditional IRA plan?

Did my sister remove me as a beneficiary from my mother’s traditional IRA plan in Florida right before my mom passed?  Sis had POA over mom that would make my sis primary beneficiary.


If you call the company that is holding the funds and it won’t speak with you, then you aren’t the beneficiary.  Your sister had a fiduciary duty to your mother to handle her assets in her best interest and not to self-deal.  If she breached that duty, you can challenge the change of beneficiary.  However, it is not something on which you can sit.  Once the money is distributed to your sister, it will be much, much harder to get the money back.  She’ll have the inheritance money to pay legal fees and you won’t.  We once had a case where the judge ruled that the sibling needed to give the money back, but she had already gambled it away.

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