Can children of divorced parents trade quitclaim deeds on respective parent’s houses upon their death.

Both adult children are 50/50 beneficiaries of divorced parent’s houses. Both adult children are living in either the mom’s or dad’s house. The mom where my sis lives just died. Sis wants to stay there. The houses are the same in value. Can we trade our quick claims to the houses so she stays at mom’s old house and in the future I get my dad’s house free and clear?


As you don’t own the second property yet, you can’t change the deed. Your sister could theoretically sell her future inheritance to you. I can ‘t see how that would be a smart decision for you before you inherit. For example, your dad may have to sell his home and pay all the proceeds to an assisted living facility before his death. You would get nothing. Better to wait until both parents pass away and come to an agreement then.

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