Can a lawyer in Georgia assist me with a partition case for a home/property located in Florida?


I am 68. I built a home in Fl. in 2005 where I intended to reside with my son & his wife for the remainder of my life. Shortly after the home was completed, the relationship between myself & my daughter-in-law devolved into an untenable situation. I reluctantly moved out of the home in 2007 to live with my niece due to the stress/anxiety I was being subjected to. Since then, I have lived either with 1 of my 2 nieces or with friends. Unfortunately, my son allowed his wife to run me out of my home & still to this day, won’t take any steps to intervene on my behalf.
I have been denied access to the home for 13 years now & although it pains me to do so, I understand I can force the sale of the home through a partition action where I can at least recover a part of the money I invested in the home (everything I had). Neither my son or daughter-in-law shared in the cost of building the home but, as a good mother does, I listed us all on the deed as co-owners.
I am elderly, disabled & living on a fixed income & now need to seek an assisted living facility but can’t afford one. I asked my son for help a few days ago & received a vulgar text from his wife telling me to f-off.


Unless the Georgia attorney is also licensed in Florida, the Georgia attorney won’t be able to help you. You should use an attorney who practices in the same county as the home is located as the lawsuit will be filed in that county.

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