Is it normal/ok to sign receipt of inheritance if I have not gotten the dispersement?

My sister is executrix of our father’s estate and I am in NY. She sent me this receipt and is saying she will not disperse the payment until I have signed and sent back this receipt saying I already received this. Can you do that? This seems strange.


When I represent the executor/personal representative of an estate, I always have the beneficiaries sign a release. It protects the executor from any beneficiary objecting to distributions after the fact. If the money is distributed without a release and a beneficiary objects, the executor could be personally liable. Practically speaking, the release is written as if the two parties were sitting across from each other at a conference room table and both actions happen simultaneously. There is no other way to word a release. The only other option is for you to drive to where the executor is and sign the release the same time as you receive the check.

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