When your neighbor’s vacation rental becomes a problem

Your neighbors are using their home as a vacation rental. That means you “enjoy” a steady stream of rotating people moving in and out next door. These short-term guests like to stay up late, party in the backyard, and play loud music. What can you do?

Talk it over
As with any dispute, begin by having a conversation with the property owner. They may not be aware their guests are regularly being disruptive. Offer to help monitor guest behavior and suggest an update to their house rules.

File a complaint
Vacation rental platforms, such as Airbnb and VBRO/HomeAway, have processes in place so that neighbors can report problems. If you know your neighbor is using one of these platforms, search for the complaint section of the website. Of course, you can report noise violations and nuisance violations to the appropriate authorities.

Check local regulations
Some municipalities have regulations in place to prohibit short-term rentals, limit the number in a single neighborhood, or limit the number of days a property can be rented in such away. Investigate your local ordinances.

You can hire an attorney to determine if any restrictions prohibit your neighbors from using their property as a short-term rental. A legal advisor can help you evaluate your options and take the appropriate steps to resolve the problem.

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