When publishing notice of the death of someone who had property in different states, do I need to put that notice in each state?


A relative lived & died in 1 state but had property in another. The heirs would like to sell it. Though the death was over a year ago and notice was put in the local paper then, does a new notice have to be put in a paper now in the state where the property is?


If the decedent had probate property in both states, probate estates will have to be opened in both states. The first probate is opened in the state of residence and the second can be opened once the court has appointed a personal representative in the original state.
If the decedent only had probate property in the non-resident state, it is possible the probate estate need be opened in the state where the decedent held title to real estate. It depends if the non-resident state allows it.

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