Does my grandmother have any right to clear out my father’s house & keep what she wants?


My father recently passed away. He had a seizure, hit his head multiple times & was unconscious for 5 days before he passed away. My grandmother was notified when he was in the hospital the 1rst day. She didn’t call me or my brother’s until the 2nd day. By then the hospital gave her my father’s personal things ie keys, wallet etc. She went into his house & cleaned it out while he was dying. Now she’s saying he was her son so she could. She says she’s going to sell my dad’s things in a yard sale.


Who inherits you father’s assets depends on what his will says.  If he didn’t have a will, under the law of intestacy, (presuming he is single) his children inherit.  If your father owned substantial assets, a probate will have to be opened to transfer the ownership to his heirs.

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