What Happen if my Trustee could not perform the duties due to illness, and what happen if she die.


My husband past away on last end of year. he pointed 2 persons for successor trustees. one of them already past away 7 years ago. and the estate attorney filed pleadings to appoint other one to be my trustee. Now, I have a question, my trustee has serious health condition ( heart disease) and she could not perform any duties. (basically I have to do everything for her) so I would like to know if in this situation what should I do? in the future if she die what can I do ? there has no other trustee on my husbands will and I am only beneficiary.


This is a common situation. Trustees routinely resign, die or become unable to perform the function as Trustee. The Trust will have provisions spelling out how a new Trustee can be appointed. Your attorney can prepare the paperwork for the transition of Trustee.

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