Average private nursing home room is $90,520 a year

The cost of long-term care increased significantly in the past year, according to a new survey by MetLife.

The cost of a private room in a nursing home jumped 3.8%, to an average of $90,520 a year. That works out to $248 a day.

The cost of a semi-private room increased by 3.7% to $81,030 a year, or $222 a day.

The average cost for an assisted living facility rose 2.1%, to $42,600 a year. And the average rate charged by homemakers and companions increased by 5.3%, to $20 per hour.

On the other hand, the average cost of adult day care services was unchanged at $70 per day, and the average rate for home health aides remained at $21 per hour.

Rates for private nursing home rooms ranged from $687 per day in Alaska to $147 per day in rural Oklahoma. Assisted living was most expensive in Washington, D.C. (averaging $5,933 a month) and least expensive in rural Arkansas ($2,355 a month).

Rates for home health aides ranged from $32 an hour in Rochester, Minnesota to $13 an hour in Shreveport, Louisiana. Adult day care averaged $141 a day in Vermont, but only $26 a day in Montgomery, Alabama.

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