Estate Planning

“Recent events in the family motivated my wife and I to revisit what would happen if one or both of us passed on, or became incapacitated. We are nearing retirement and felt it was time to put things in order to protect property and earnings. To this end our financial advisor highly recommended David Beliveau. After an initial consultation my wife and I hired David for our estate planning. Looking back we were quite naive when it came to probate courts, state inheritance and tax laws. David explained everything to us, laying out the benefits and drawbacks of each option. David covered sensitive topics in a way that made us feel comfortable and did not overwhelm us with “legalese”.  In a short time we had established a trust and will, and now feel secure that our children will receive an inheritance according to our wishes. My wife and I strongly recommend David Beliveau for estate planning, and feel well armed to meet any future legal issues with the Beliveau Law Group. Bruce B., NH.” – Bruce, Estate Planning

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