Aunt died without a Will. Does the Administrator of the Estate have to keep heirs informed?

Additional Information:

The court appointed my Aunts brother as Administrator. He has a lawyer who does not give any information to the 4 heirs, however when the lawyer does answer questions they are always different stories. No paperwork is being sent to heirs on property being sold. The administrator made a deal with a “buyer” to purchase my aunts land but yet have not seen any paperwork due to the fact the “buyer” is making monthly installments until the purchase price is paid off…. i thought it was a duty and professional responsibility to send heirs copies of all paperwork?? And if we ask the lawyer there have been several stories told to us and am asked “why the concern”??? is this professional of a Lawyer to an estate???


Sorry to hear. It sounds like the heir(s) should hire an attorney to represent his/her/their interests. For purposes of my answer, I assume your deceased aunt was a Massachusetts resident. Under Massachusetts law, real estate vests in the heirs of an estate. That means the heirs own the real estate. The heirs of your aunt’s estate have a right to information regarding the estate. It is a breach of fiduciary duty for the administrator not to provide the heirs with such information.

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