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My mother died so I was appointed the PR over the estate when I did the deed of distribution I did it in all Four heirs name

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My brother has been told he has cancer so it was to my understanding that the estate would be left to the other three to keep things straight ; then after his sickness 2 heirs had words leaving their share to the youngest of their gran children is this possible ? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS BELIVEAU: As personal representative, it is your responsibility to distribute the estate assets according to the terms

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Do I have any rights to a property that I am on the loan and a verbal agreement is made, but I am not on the deed?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I made an agreement with someone that we would both buy a property and have shared interest, but that the other person would be the only one on the deed. I have filed taxes based on that agreement. There was a personal dispute and now the person is claiming full ownership and denying any agreement we had even though it has been established in emails, texts, and through federal tax submissions. Do I have

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A NH Real Estate Transfer Tax Primer

The following article by Attorney David Beliveau was published by the New Hampshire Bar Association. Tax Law: Amended Last Year: A NH Real Estate Transfer Tax Primer By: David Beliveau The New Hampshire real estate transfer tax (NH RSA 78-B) – a tax on the transfer of New Hampshire real estate – is $0.75 per $100 of the full price of or consideration for the real estate for the purchaser and the seller (meaning half of

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Best in the Business

Mary is thorough, detail oriented, completely prepared, and an excellent communicator. Having bought and sold about 15 properties, she is the best closing attorney that I have encountered. ~A real estate client

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If there is a family trust, does the land in the trust have to be redeeded when 1 member dies?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There is a family trust that holds land (it’s only asset) and 1 of the members died leaving his share to his child. Does the land need to be re-deeded to include the child who is an adult? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: The trust owns the real estate. If a Trustee dies, that death is addressed on the deed transferring the real estate out of the trust, whether by a sale to

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Sue my brother for back taxes

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: House was bought by mom/dad/son in 1993 as joint tenants. dad past away 2002 and son/mom now are joint tenants. Paul quit claimed a deed to add his wife in 2003 without conscent of mom as he did use a lawyer and mom was told he did not need conscent of mom. 2011 mom did the same quit claimed a deed using a lawyer to add her daughter and me and mom with a

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