Parents have different beneficiaries in wills.

My step mother passed away about 2 months ago and my father is very sick and sedated. They created their wills about 10 years ago and just notarized them shortly before her death. She had expressed wanting to change her beneficiary to my but at the time of her death, it was her sister (secondary to my dad of course). I’m an only child so I’m the sole beneficiary on my fathers will (secondary to my

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What rights do offspring have to deceased parent’s estate?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My dad passed away in 2010. There was no will (as far as I know). He and his wife (not my mother) bought and owned property together. I have not been in touch with his wife since his passing, but I know she has since sold their house, and has remarried. She has no children, and I am the only offspring my dad had. I am just wondering if there is any legal right

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What kind of attorney should i be looking for to help with estate affidavit?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My dad passed away in 2006 and apparently had a life insurance policy. My aunt found it recently last year and send me the policy number and company that held the life insurance. I was told i will have to do a transfer of ownership for the policy in order to keep or cash it out. The problem is they are requesting his death certificate and a small estate affidavit based on the county

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How can I best find a top rated estate attorney, licensed in both MA and NH, for settling my sister’s estate?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I’m looking for a top rated wills, trust, and probate attorney, licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to help with settling the estate of my recently deceased sister. My brother and I are co-executors of her estate. My sister’s official residence was Nashua, New Hampshire where she owned a condo and filed her taxes. She also owned a house in Concord, Massachusetts. There are likely complications involving a trust for two of her

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My grandma had said there was 1,000$ for the 7 of us. But my aunt is keeping it all. What do i do?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My aunt is keeping all my grandma’s stuff and her 7,000$ life insurance from the rest of the family. My grandma said we each get 1,000$ from her. But my aunt is lying and keeping everything. What can I do? ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: Life insurance is payable to the beneficiary listed on the policy. If you were listed as a beneficiary, the life insurance company would mail you a check. It is possible

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What is the least expensive way to open an estate in Florida, to purchase property froma New Mexico estate? Property in Lee Cty

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am under contract to purchase real estate which is located in Lee County, Florida. The seller of said real estate is an estate of a man who passed away in the State of New Mexico. The estate was apparently ‘probated’ in New Mexico. So, the title company is telling me that I need to hire a lawyer and open a Florida Estate. There are two Co-Personal Representatives of the New Mexico Estate. They

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Can the executor of someone’s estate help them change their will?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It is my uncles will. My mother is his sister. Initially my uncle put me and my 2 sisters on his will to inherit everything. Recently he has become very ill and we found out we were removed and now everything will go to my mother. We have suspicion that she did this without asking him. So is it possible for her to do that? Someone who is in charge of the will to

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