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The Corporate Transparency Act

In an era dominated by global commerce and intricate financial networks, the necessity for corporate transparency has become increasingly apparent. Recognizing this imperative, the United States Congress took a significant step forward by passing the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) in 2021. This groundbreaking legislation aims to enhance the transparency of beneficial ownership information, fortify national security, and combat financial crimes. The CTA heralds a new era for corporate accountability, addressing the loopholes that have allowed anonymous

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When Does a Text Message Become a Contract?

Group Chats, Emoticons, and Breach of Contract: When Does a Text Message Become a Contract? New Technologies, Established Obligations New media and technology have transformed the way we do business as compared not only to twenty years ago, but even as compared to ten or five years ago. Emails, social media posts, and even text messages were important tools for marketing and negotiating before the COVID-19 pandemic upended the ways in which we conduct business. Now,

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Verbal Contracts: Are They Enforceable in Massachusetts?

Is Your Word Your Bond? Our parents taught us to be people of our word—to mean what we say and say what we mean. For most situations in life, it is enough to give your word to enter into an agreement—from who will take out the trash this week to where to meet for dinner. But when it comes to the really important things, verbal agreements pose serious risks for confusion, hurt feelings, and financial loss.

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Non-Compete Agreement Enforcement in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

In many industries, non-compete agreements are a standard part of employee contracts. However, until subject to such an agreement, or until responsible for enforcing it, most people will not give a non-compete clause a second thought. Whether you are seeking to enforce a non-compete agreement against a former employee, or whether you have been subjected to an unfairly onerous non-compete agreement, you need the support of an experienced employment law attorney. What Makes a Non-Compete Agreement

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Sole Proprietorship: The Good, the Bad, and the Legal Reality

What Dreams Are Made of? Being your own boss is a dream for many. It is also a pleasant daydream to many more stuck in stifling offices or unfulfilling careers. In addition to freedom from an unsympathetic supervisor’s requirements, owning a business appeals to so many because of the opportunity for greater creative expression in your work and the perception that more money will go into your wallet rather than to a nameless, faceless higher-up in

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