What is the legal sentence or paragraph to add to a will about asset transfer?

I want to say my spouse can inherit an asset from my parents if I am already dead, but if she re-marries the asset has to go to my kids, not the new husband or their kids? What legal terminology can be used for that?

To say it another way, my wife and I have kids. When my dad dies there will be an asset willed to me. If I am already dead my wife can get the asset. But when she dies it goes to my kids, not her new spouse or any children they have.


That is up to your dad’s will. A good estate planner drafts for contingencies for predeceasing heirs, bypassing other’s probate estates. Usually, if a child is deceased, assets are held in trust for grandchildren until they hit a certain age.

There is no such thing as giving away an asset completely and then being able to rip it away from her at a later date. The asset would have to be held in trust for her and/or your children.

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