Smart lock technology enables keyless home entry

Smart lock technology is changing the way realtors show your home. These Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled locks allow users to lock and unlock their door remotely, using a mobile app. As a homeowner, you can use a smart lock system to manage guest access, giving people digital power to unlock your door for a single entry or an extended period of time.

Similar technology has been designed for the real estate industry. The Prempoint mobile app integrates with smart locks, allowing realtors to control who accesses a property. The app acts like a key to open the door and integrated software helps agents schedule showings.

TOOR, another smart lock company serving the industry, uses a smart lock box and a traditional set of keys. App technology allows potential home buyers to open the lock box at a scheduled time. Extra features allow users to monitor the location of the keys and to track how long visitors stay in the home.

These tools, and other products like August Home and Amazon Key, help agents save time by providing stagers and prospective home buyers with instant, keyless access. With keyless entry comes the option to allow home buyers to conduct their own, unguided house tours.

iBuyers such as Opendoor, in fact, use this kind of technology to allow would-be buyers to tour homes unchaperoned. Motion sensors may be used for added security and to track how visitors move throughout the house.

Whether used by iBuyers or traditional real estate agents, smart lock technology could generate more competition for a property, simply by making it easier for buyers to conduct a tour.

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