Can I sue someone that borrowed 90.00?


A friend asked to borrow $100.00. I send him 90.00 on western union plus pay a fee of 12.50…Now this person does not want to pay me..Can I sue him for the $90.00 plus I want to add. PAIN AND SUFFERING….So now I want to sue him for $5000.00. Can I take him to court for this. I am a disabled person and feel he took advantage of me


You can sue anyone for anything, but winning is a whole different matter.  In order to sue this friend, first you have to pay a filing fee at the small claims court, which is around $100.  Then you have to pay someone to serve papers on the defendant, which is around $35.  (Now, you are out of pocket over the $100 you gave the friend.)  Next, you will a judgment of $100 but that is all it is.  You will now have to collect, which costs more money.  No judge is going to give you pain and suffering.  You may have been annoyed, agitated, and disappointed, but you did not endure pain and suffering.  Write off the loss and walk away.

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