How do I remove myself as Trustee from my mother’s trust?


I don’t want the responsibility that my mother has written in trust. The trust give me power to evict my brother from her home if he doesn’t do repairs.


It depends on the type of trust.  If your mother is currently living and has the right to remove and replace the Trustee, then you ask her to remove you as Trustee.  If your mother is deceased or did not retain the right to remove and replace the Trustee, you may resign as Trustee, provided that a successor Trustee has been secured.  If your mother has not named a successor Trustee to you, you must first look at the terms of the trust to determine how to appoint a successor Trustee.  If it is not spelled out in the trust, you can petition the court to appoint a successor Trustee.  If you are not currently serving as Trustee, you can decline to serve.

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