What can I do if the executor of a will is refusing to follow the wishes in the will?


My mother left her estate to her 5 daughters equally. (per her will). The executor, one of the daughters, is not executing her wishes. She will not even speak about it. She did not tell us about the will. We found out by writing several lawyers in town. It has been over 2 months since our mother passed. She (the executor) has all ready taken property out of the house which was supposed to be divided equally. What can we do legally?


When there is a will, the person in possession of the will is legally required to submit the will to the Probate Court.  You may petition the court for an order to produce the will.  You may object to her appointment as the Personal Representative (aka Executor) as she has refused to file the will and has taken things from the home.  There is an option to file suit against her for the value of the objects taken from the home.  However, the cost of the suit may be far more than the value of the assets.

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