What happens if no one wants the responsibility of what the will entails?


I have a family member who passed away and has left in the will that all liquid assets remain apart of the estate and has asked that they be used to establish a foundation for children in another country to pay for education. It’s a noble idea, but also it sounds like it’s going to be a big undertaking. If the names executor has too much on their plate to do it and no other family members what the responsibility what happens?


No one named as executor is required to take on the responsibility. If no one in the family wants to do so, then you can ask the court to appoint a public administrator. Please keep in mind the executor is doing a job and will be paid for his or her time whether it is a family member or the public administrator. Should the estate not have enough money to keep a foundation going, the executor could petition the court to make a straight charitable contribution. Your family member would need to have allocated a lot of money to the private foundation sustainable. If it doesn’t have a few hundred thousand dollars, the legal and accounting fees are going to eat it up after a few years.

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