My father died in Florida and had no will but his home was deeded to him only and paid for before he married my stepmother.


Do I have any rights as a son and the stepmother says she has a life estate and she says the property will go to my father’s Aires when she passes but we have never seen any paperwork to say what the situation is..


The surviving spouse is granted a life estate in the property in order to protect her rights. A life estate means that she has the right to use and occupy the property during her lifetime. Should she move out, she is entitled to any income generated from the property. At the same time, she has the responsibility to pay for the expenses relating to the house. She must pay the taxes, insurance, maintenance and upkeep. If she wishes to sell the property in the future, she will be entitled to a percentage of the proceeds and the remainder men will split that balance. The percentage is determined according to her age. As she gets older, the value of her ownership interest declines.
At some point a homestead determination will need to be made and a new deed executed with your mother-in-law and you and your siblings, if any.

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