How do I legally report income for tax purposes on an investment that is held in the name of a friend?


If I give my friend money towards an investment in their name (equal to 50% of the total investment of one share of a restaurant), how can we each report this on our individual taxes?


The income generated will be reported on the owner’s tax return. You will not own any shares. What you are doing is making a loan to a friend who in turn makes an investment. His only obligation to you will be to repay the loan at some point. If your agreement isn’t in writing, you friend can easily claim that you had made a gift to him.  Your agreement should be set out in writing on how and when the money is to be paid back to you and at what interest rate. The agreement should be drafted by an attorney. If you are expecting a big return on your loan to your friend because this restaurant takes off, don’t. Invest in the restaurant under your own name if you want to secure the appreciation.

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