Most divorce documents can be shredded later – but not all

We’ve all heard horror stories about personal privacy and identity theft. That’s why many people shred all their sensitive documents after they no longer need them – including credit card bills, bank statements, older tax documents, and anything with PIN or Social Security numbers.

But what about divorce papers?

In general, most divorce documents can safely be shredded after the divorce is final. This includes motions, replies, document requests, and so on. It might actually feel liberating to shred such documents, which may contain a lot of uncomfortable details from a failed marriage.

However, there are certain documents that you should definitely hold onto, including your divorce decree. This is your official proof that the marriage ended with a judge’s approval. You’ll also want to keep copies of your divorce settlement and parenting agreement, along with certain other records.

If you have any questions about what paperwork to keep, we’d be happy to help you.

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