Eight states are easing their estate taxes in 2015

Eight states are reducing their estate tax burden in 2015, which is good news for anyone who lives or owns property in those states.

New York and Maryland are increasing their exemption amounts (the amount of assets an estate can have before any tax is due). For 2015, the New York limit goes from $1 million to just over $2 million, and the Maryland limit goes from $1 million to $1.5 million. Both states plan to gradually raise their limits to the amount of the federal limit by 2019. (The federal limit was $5.34 million in 2014 and will be $5.43 million in 2015.)

Tennessee’s limit will be $5 million in 2015, and the tax will be repealed altogether in 2016.

Rhode Island’s limit will go from about $1 million to $1.5 million next year, and Minnesota’s will rise to $1.4 million, increasing gradually to $2 million in 2018.

Also, starting next year, the exemption amounts in Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii and Delaware will be indexed each year for inflation.

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