Ask the right questions before you start a business

There are several questions you must answer before you even consider starting a new business. Unfortunately, some would-be-entrepreneurs spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do the start of a new business. Most of these businesses will fall into the three out of five start-ups that fail in the first five years. The statistics vary from industry to industry, but about 30% of new business start-ups close down in the first year of operation. Another 30% will fail in the four years that follow.

How can you increase the chances of a business’s survival? Here are a series of questions you should answer before launching a new business. Nothing can guarantee a new business will be a success, but being well armed with the right information can certainly help.

  • The first question to be answered in your written business plan is what products and/or services you intend to provide. Are these products currently being offered in your local market? What is the price being charged for competing products? How do you propose to capture enough of the local market to make a profit?
  • Who is your ideal customer, and what media will you use to promote your product or service? Do you have an adequate population of potential customers to provide the sales you need to make a profit?
  • What will make your business stand out? What is unique about your product or service? Will you compete on price, location, product variety, or customer service?
  • What size building do you need, and how many employees will it take to serve customers properly?
  • How much money will it take to open the doors, and how much is needed for operating capital until you turn a profit? Is it likely that you will make a profit in the first year or two? Be sure to prepare conservative cash flow projections for the first five years showing your best estimates of sales and projected expenses.
  • What is the source of funds from day one until you turn a profit? How much will you invest and how much is needed from outside sources such as banks or private investors?
  • What legal entity will you use: a corporation, sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.? What government forms and licenses need to be filed? Do you have adequate insurance of the right type?

Every business person can benefit from the services of at least four other business advisors. You should engage the services of an accountant, an attorney, a banker, and an insurance agent before you launch the business. These advisors work with a variety of businesses and business solutions every day and can help improve your chances of succeeding in your new venture. It is imperative that you involve them early in the planning process.

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