Mark these tax deadlines on your 2013 calendar

It’s time to file various tax returns once again. Among the tax deadlines you may be required to meet in the next few months are the following:

* January 15 – Due date for the fourth quarterly installment of 2012 estimated taxes for individuals unless you file your tax return and pay any taxes due by January 31.

* January 31 – Employers must furnish 2012 W-2 statements to employees. Payers must furnish payees with Form 1099s for various payments made. (The deadline for providing Form 1099-B and consolidated statements to customers is February 15.)

* January 31 – Employers must generally file annual federal unemployment tax returns.

* February 28 – Payers must file information returns, such as Form 1099s, with the IRS. This deadline is extended to April 1 for electronic filing.

* February 28 – Employers must send Form W-2 copies to the Social Security Administration. This deadline is extended to April 1 for electronic filing.

* March 1 – Farmers and fishermen who did not make 2012 estimated tax payments must file 2012 tax returns and pay taxes in full.

* March 15 – 2012 calendar-year corporation income tax returns are due.

* April 15 – 2012 federal partnership returns are due.

* April 15 – Individual federal income tax returns for 2012 are due.

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