The sellers did not complete the work they were supposed to before we closed on the house.

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What are allowable damages for real estate misrepresentation under Massachusetts law? We signed a P & S for our first home in Belmont.  The P & S had multiple items that were supposed to be completed by the seller prior to closing. They did not complete the work and now refuse to return our deposit money.  What are our legal rights?


When the P&S specifically states that the Seller is to make certain repairs prior to closing, and if the work is not completed according to the agreement, then the Seller is breaking the contract and you have the right to terminate the contract and to have your deposit returned.  Your deposit money is held in an escrow account with the listing agent’s company who cannot release the funds until a release form is signed by both you and the Seller.  You can file a complaint in court against the Seller to have the money returned back to you.

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