We found out after buying our Waltham property that the title wasn’t clear.

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How do I know if I have a claim? We paid for a title search/insurance, but found out after buying our Waltham property that the title was never clear.  After we moved to MA and moved in, we received a certified letter in the mail stating that our property had been auctioned off for back taxes and would no longer be ours if we did not pay over two years worth of back taxes, including interest and fees, within months. We consulted a lawyer and found that the title had a lein against it and had never been filed. We paid all of the taxes and filed the deed. We have evidence that we paid for a title search & title insurance. Do we have a claim?


If you purchased an Owner’s policy of title insurance, the first thing you should do is to contact the title insurance company and file a claim regarding your title issue.  When you closed, the title insurance policy that you purchased is supposed to protect you against most title issues that occurred prior to the time of your purchase.  The title company will research the claim and if it is decided that your policy does cover you for the title issue, the title company may reimburse you for what you had to pay to make you whole again.

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