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My Mom, who is 87 yrs. old and has dementia/early Alzheimer’s, is living with me.  She owns a home, which my daughter and her family are living in currently.  What can I do to prevent the seizure by Medicaid of her home when she has to enter a nursing home, if anything? What are my options with this?


Medicaid will not seize a home if your mother enters a nursing and is approved for Medicaid. A home is considered a non-countable asset, so as long as she has met the other financial requirements, Medicaid will approve your mother. A lien will be placed on the house during your mother’s lifetime and enforced during the probate process.

However, there are a few issues in your scenario. First, your mother no longer lives in her home and therefore it will be considered a non-countable asset. Second, does your daughter and her family pay rent? If so, your mother may be able to claim the house as a business asset essential to self support, which is an asset that will be “non-countable” in the application process. Medicaid does not include a non-countable asset’s fair market value in its calculations when determining if your mother has met the financial requirements for approval.

I suggest that you meet with an elder law attorney sooner rather than later to hammer out these issues and the planning that needs to be done.

Margaret L. Cross-Beliveau, Esq., LL.M.

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