How will Medicaid treat my dad’s life estate in our home?

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My dad broke his hip at his house, there are just too many stairs for him to safely navigate.  We sold my dad’s house; used the money as a downpayment on our new ranch style house for myself, my wife and my dad. We went though an Massachusetts eldercare lawyer who created the deed giving my dad a life estate and my wife and myself ownership after my father’s death. My name is the only name on the mortgage. My Dad lived with us for 1 year and 4 months; his dementia has really increased and we had to put him in a nursing home. We are applying him for Medicaid. Any ideas on how Medicaid will treat the life estate?


Your father purchased a life estate in your home.  The question is whether MassHealth will treat this as a disqualifying transfer.  I will assume that he paid fair market value for the life estate.  (If he had paid more, he would have been making a gift to you and your wife.)  MassHealth will scrutinize this transaction.  The rule of thumb is that the elder would have had to live in the home for at least a year for MassHealth to consider this a purchase for fair market value.  MassHealth treats an ownership in a residence as a non-countable asset.

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