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Candyland Getting Stale? Try These Board Games

Board games offer a great way to unplug and spend time with family and friends. Thanks to a rise in popularity over the last few years, the options available to you are endless. If you are looking to branch out from the classic games like Monopoly or Clue, here are some excellent games to try:

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Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!

March 15 is the tax-filing due date for the calendar year S-corporations and partnerships. While this filing deadline does not require making a tax payment, missing the due date could cost you a hefty penalty. The penalty The penalty is calculated based on each partial month the tax return is late multiplied by each shareholder or partner. So a tax return filed 17 days late with no tax due could cost a married couple who jointly

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Oh No! Your Tax Refund is Now a Bill

If you are anticipating a nice refund this year, it may be a good idea to prepare yourself for a possible letdown. Many taxpayers will receive a smaller-than-expected refund and might even owe taxes to be paid by April 15. If this happens to you, here are some of the likely reasons:

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This month:

March 15: Due date for partnership and S corporation tax returns (Forms 1065, 1120S) Reminders: – Daylight saving time begins Sunday, March 10 Tax season is in full swing. Early reports from the IRS indicate that, on average, refund amounts are down compared to last year. If this is you, the first article lays out some reasons for the change. This issue also includes a warning to business owners to file their taxes on time, tips

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No maintenance for ‘self-sufficient’ ex-wife

When people get divorced and property is divided up, some of the assets may be the type that produces income (like investments or rental property, for example). In some cases, it’s possible that a spouse receiving income-producing property in a divorce may also be awarded maintenance payments from his or her ex. If that happens, the paying spouse usually won’t later be able to point to “reasonably foreseeable” income from these assets to justify lowering his

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Father’s paternity undone after 16 years

Once a court rules that someone is a child’s father, it’s very rare for that order to be undone later on. In other words, once you’re deemed the dad, you remain the dad, with all the legal rights (like visitation) and responsibilities (like support) this may entail. But in rare cases, a court might actually undo or “vacate” such an order. This happened recently in South Carolina. Michael Ashburn was stationed at Parris Island around 2000-2001

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Wife entitled to ex-husband’s life insurance proceeds

If you’re planning on getting divorced, it’s a very good idea to change your life insurance beneficiary if you don’t want your soon-to-be-ex to still receive the benefits. It’s risky to assume your ex will automatically be disinherited upon divorce, as a recent ruling from South Carolina illustrates. Married couple John McMeeking and Candace Murphy separated in 2010. At some point before their divorce became final, an order was issued resolving their marital debt as well

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Husband’s ‘egregious’ adultery nets wife bigger property split

While adultery can destroy a marriage, it typically doesn’t impact how property will be split during a divorce. In other words, a court usually isn’t going to give the betrayed spouse a bigger share of the marital property just to punish the cheater for his or her indiscretions. But a recent case from Virginia shows that sometimes it will. In that case, a couple who both came from modest backgrounds married in 1983 and built a

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