Do I have to go through probate to sell my deceased mom’s mobile home ?

I am trying to sell her home and was told by the realtor that I had to go through probate. I am in her will ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: The realtor is correct. A will doesn’t avoid probate, it just directs where the deceased’s assets are to go after death during the probate process. Follow […]

Can I get a mortgage if I own property with my two sisters?

My sisters and I own 16 acres in Pennsylvania that was willed to us by our grandfather. I am the majority owner holding 65%. I am currently living in a trailer on the property and pay 100% of the property taxes. The trailer is not in great shape and I am looking to purchase a […]

How do I change beneficiary?

My bank account is a living trust. and my only asset. It is under $70,000. I am the trustee. I have a corresponding will. How do I change beneficiaries? ANSWER BY MARGARET CROSS-BELIVEAU: You can amend your trust to change the beneficiaries of your trust. The trust only controls assets held by the trust. Normally […]

Can I force my adult son to change is last name?

My son hasn’t talked or bothered with me in many years. I have granddaughter 6 years old who doesn’t even know who I am.  He had another baby I never also met.  He has no respect and is not blood anymore. I like to have him change his last name to his wife’s name. I […]

How to ensure family rental stays with the siblings?

My siblings and I were bequeathed a summer cottage in Rhode Island when our father passed away. While we technically own the structure, we rent the property (to use from May to October). As per the campground owner’s stipulation, only one sibling’s name can be on the lease. This makes us nervous, since if that […]

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