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Can you make a trust trump a will

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My Grandfather died leaving money and assets to my father who was alive when my grandfather died, now my grnadmother still lived but went behind my fathers back and made a trust to kick him out of the will and had thier attorney never settle the will after my grandfather died and now doesnt want to give my father anything. they told us she made the trust to trump the will can they do

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Will I be able to contest my only older sister’s will after her death–

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My only sister had me listed on her deed of her home and due to a petty argument she had me removed from her deed and I feel she is being heavily influenced by her friend and she is putting her in her will–I am family verses a friend –is it possible to contest this and win this over? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS: There are not enough facts to make an informed

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