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living trust

Should I include survivorship language in my deed, I am not married and I am the only one purchasing the property, ?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have two children.  I am the only one purchasing the house and I am not married.  What type of deed would be best for me? ATTORNEY ANSWER BY MARGARET L. CROSS-BELIVEAU: You should always consult with an estate planning attorney as there are many options.  Which one you pick depends on your age, your financial situation, and the ages of your children and grandchildren. If you add other people as joint owners on

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Mom has stage 4 dementia. Can she make financial decisions and changes regarding the trust?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Mom and dad set up a trust in 1993. Dad was a farmer and passed in 2001. The trust states that my brother may farm the land at fair market value.  Mom is 87 and recently fell and broke her hip. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 dementia. Mom will probably need extra care (assisted living, nursing home type care). Checking moms finances, I realized my brother, who is a trustee, has been

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Does a living trust have precedence over a previously written will?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My mother in law recently passed away. She had been going downhill since she had surgery August of 2016. She was showing signs of dementia and it got worse as the days went on. Her previous doctor even has that in her medical records. Before she had surgery she filled out a will.  She had four children. In the will she left all four children equal shares of real estate that she owned. In

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Can you make a trust trump a will

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My Grandfather died leaving money and assets to my father who was alive when my grandfather died, now my grnadmother still lived but went behind my fathers back and made a trust to kick him out of the will and had thier attorney never settle the will after my grandfather died and now doesnt want to give my father anything. they told us she made the trust to trump the will can they do

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